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  • You can see these posters on the noticeboard of our website,

    September 04

  • The Breastfeeding in Sheffield website has been updated and is ready to use again. Have a look at the noticeboard for the latest information in Sheffield or the full website for help on your breastfeeding journey.

    September 03

  • Hi can I ask some advice please? My baby is a very hungry baby (putting on a 2lbs in 2 weeks hungry!) and is permanently on the boob. I’m sure my attachment is good - this is my third breast fed baby - but I’m getting pretty sore and uncomfortable. I can only think it’s because he’s almost permanently on! He’s 5 weeks old. Today he was fed more frequently than hourly. Is there a way of a) helping my poor boobs and b) increasing milk supply other than pumping because I hate it. Thankyou !

    August 31

  • Hi everyone, the Breastfeeding in Sheffield website is having some updates and improvements carried out so can’t be accessed at the moment. We’ll let you know when the work has finished.

    August 29

  • Happy #blackbreastfeedingweek The Huffington Post photographed nine proud breastfeeding mamas who share why they believe society needs to see more empowering images of black women nursing their children.

    August 27