Breastfeeding in Sheffield – support for everyone

We want to see what breastfeeding looks like for you, in your everyday life, so we can better reflect the wonderful diversity that we know exists in our city.

We want the images we use to show people who look like you

What photo should I send?

You don’t need to show a bare breast or nipple if you don’t want to, in fact it can be great to show how discreet breastfeeding can be with different clothes.

It would be lovely to see your face but if you would prefer to remain anonymous and be cropped out, that’s fine.

We don’t need your photo to be perfect or staged, we’d rather see the real side of breastfeeding (dirty washing & toys included)

It can be helpful to other mums to show that breastfeeding doesn’t always have to take place at home or in a comfortable chair – so photos of breastfeeding outside of the home or in unusual places would also be good.

We would love to see photos of:

  • Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic or interracial families
  • Breastfeeding with a disability (whether this is a parent or child)
  • Parents in same-sex relationships
  • Trans parents
  • Younger parents
  • Breastfeeding alongside those people who have supported you to breastfeed – for example your partner, a grandparent, a friend, or a peer supporter.

Where do I send my photo and what will you do with it?

Please send your photos to us at or message the Breastfeeding in Sheffield Facebook page.

We will add the photos to an album on our social media pages and then use the photos on our website and in future posters and social media campaigns.