Breastfeeding Support Groups

Breastfeeding Support Groups in Sheffield

Click here to find a list of the Breastfeeding Support Groups in Sheffield Jan-Mar 2020

There will always be a trained Infant Feeding Support Worker at these groups to offer help and advice on your breastfeeding journey.  There will be other mums there too who can share their experiences with you and offer support. You are welcome to try as many of the groups as you like and in any area of Sheffield.

There is at least one Infant Feeding Peer Support Worker attached to every Family Centre (formerly known as Children’s Centres) in Sheffield. They can offer breastfeeding support over the telephone or on a one to one basis, at the groups, cafes and drop-ins they hold.

The primary aim of the recently named Infant Feeding Peer Support Worker is to increase breastfeeding rates but we recognise that you may need support however you choose to feed your child.

Family Centres

Family Centres are for families with children under 5 years old. They provide a range of services, depending on what’s needed locally. The services offered will not be the same everywhere, because needs and communities vary greatly. Types of services include:

  • information, advice and support for parents and carers
  • health services
  • family support
  • employment advice
  • family learning
  • parents forums

Contact your local centre to find out what’s available near you.